Tuesday, 12 January 2010

January 2010 British Music Experience poster.

Happy New Year. Lets hope 2010 is a prosperous one. Things have yet to get back into full swing due mainly to the incredibly bad weather and the very tempting prospect of people taking snow days! However I was lucky enough to be shooting for M & C Saatchi at the O2 and saw the fruits of my labour in a huge banner outside the British Music Experience. It is always good to see your work displayed in such huge proportions.

January 2010 Brighton Pier

The break has given me time to assess the work I did last year. The overhead shot of Brighton Pier was shot for a helicopter company on the south coast as part of a marketing campaign and interests me as it makes the pier look like like a toy. It's always good to see art buyers looking at it for the first time trying to figure out exactly what it is.

January 2010

These shots are of a disused silver mine in a village called Villaricos, Spain. Translated as village of the rich the local rocks are still full of silver and twinkle in the sun. Legend has it is is where Hannibal paid his troops before trekking across the Pyrenees, the Alps and into Italy.