Friday, 11 December 2009

December 2009: O2 From above.

Finally delivered this advertising shoot to one of my main clients. The brief to show the O2 from above, with the tent glowing and surrounded by the life and lights of the city with the context of the river in the foreground. The problem to overcome was shooting at night and how to make the O2 the star of the show whilst still showing the London skyline looking impressive and retaining the dark spaces necessary for their branding and copy.

November 2009: Docklands.

Lucky enough to have access to the roof of the Barclays tower in Canary Wharf, allowed me to take these images of the London skyline and the towers that dominate it. Always fascinated by how people use their spaces and divide their own little piece, these views across to the other towers are both spectacular and interesting to study.

October 2009: British Music Experience

An pretty cool advertising commission this month to photograph the British Music Experience an exciting and interactive music museum in South East London. The brief was to provide images for the advertising and marketing of the venue and incorporate people to make he venue look appealing to potential customers. Although the venue had been photographed many times before, no one had managed to capture it’s essence and interactive nature. A very cool, interesting, dark and atmospheric environment meant that it would be almost impossible to photograph people without adding additional lighting which could destroy the ambience and flatten out the mood. The challenge was how to replicate the look and feel of the venue whilst adding enough light to make it possible to shoot to the quality needed for advertising and marketing purposes. Great images and one happy client.

September 2009: Rockwell at the O2

It’s not everyday you get to share a stage with the biggest rock stars in the world, but when commissioned to photography the O2 arena from the stage, that is exactly what I had to do. The brief was to show the arena looking lively and active, whilst looking out towards the crowd. I was allowed on stage towards the end of the show and found myself unbelievably on stage with Tom Jones, Robert Plant, Joss Stone and Ronan Keating to name a few. Great nights work and the results were equally impressive.

August 2009: Carnival Arts Centre, Luton.

An editorial assignment for Building Magazine saw me trek all the way to Luton to photography Ash Sakula’s brand new Carnival Arts Centre. Buzzing with life it is designed as a centre for all things carnival and is the hub of the biggest one day carnival in the country. Not Notting Hill as you would expect, but Luton! The building has a raw and industrial, but peaceful and graphic quality. Cleverly designed to work as an inside out or outside in space it is Intended as a place primarily to build carnival floats and study all things carnival.The staff are so friendly and the results made a good front cover and five page spread.

July 2009: Morocco.

Little can prepare you for the assault on the senses that a trip to Morocco provides. The sights, sounds and smells all help to reinforce this as an essential travel location. Travelling extensively around the country as we did, every city provides a different experience. For me the most memorable has to be Fez. Not necessarily my favorite, but certainly the most photogenic, with it’s tanneries, mosques and breathtaking views from the surrounding hills.

June 2009: Eversheds new London Headquarters.

Asked to photograph interiors of the new purpose built London headquarters of law firm Eversheds for an editorial feature. Designed to be incredibly environmentally friendly it is fitted with the latest state-of-the-art technology. From chilled beam temperature controls to reduce energy emissions, intelligent lighting to reduce the need for artificial light and the largest green roof in the City of London. They also boast a pretty impressive bike storage facility to encourage a ride to work scheme. The interior design is pretty slick and make for some great imagery.